Why should you hire professional bodypaint performers over an inexperienced agency fashion model?

Contortionists, Acrobats, Choreographers, Aerialists, Trapeze Artists, Dancers, Models, Twins- I competitively auditioned the best bodypaint performers I have met over the last 10 years to form this elite 2017 team.  One of them has been been bodypainted nearly 500 times and another one has be doing bodypaint dance performances for 10 years.  That level of experience and these performers hard dedication to their craft is something you won't find in an inexperienced agency model.  And if you still really want an agency represented model- good news, I have some of those on this team too!

I have 20 performers on the "New York Core Team".  They've done Broadway and Off-Broadway shows like Cirque, Fuerza Brueta, Cats, Broadway Bares, and the Rockettes and modeled for campaigns for brands like Sprint, Ralph Lauren, and the New York Auto Show.  They've appeared with me on CNN, the Discovery Channel, Bravo, Wall Street Journal, NY Post, TIME Magazine and more.

There are 10-15 performers on the "Satellite Team" with speciality skills that hail from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, New Zealand, Germany and more.  

Wherever it is that you need me to paint, I have found the best of the best performers that I like working with, who really know how to bring bodypaint to life for you.  I know you'll be thrilled to work with them.

To learn more, please email trinamerry@gmail.com